1: Non VBA example from Dave Peterson
2: VBA example I made based on Dave’s example

Example 1

Merge all data from the csv files into a text file

Note: with a few small changes you can also use this for txt files. Replace *.csv for *.txt

1) Windows Start Button | Run
2) Type cmd and hit enter (“command” in Win 98)
3) Go to the folder with the CSV files (for help enter “help cd“)
4) Type copy *.csv all.txt and hit enter to copy all data in the files into all.txt.
5) Type exit and hit enter to close the DOS window

Now we must import the text file all.txt into Excel.

1) Open Excel
2) When you use File Open to open all.txt the Text Import Wizard will help you import the file
3) Choose Delimited
4) Next
5) Check Comma
6) Finish


Kuntal(Sr. System Administrator)


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