Good Day All,

following is the sollution for above error.

If you view permissions on the following folders, you will see that the
IIS_WPG and the NT AUTHORITY\NETWORK SERVICE groups do not have permissions
on these folders:
      . systemroot\Help\IISHelp\Common
      . systemroot\System32\Inetsrv\ASP Compiled Templates
      . systemroot\IIS Temporary Compressed Files

please refer the following URL.

Kuntal Patel…..


4 Responses to “Error: The Template Persistent Cache initialization failed for Application Pool ‘ASPPool’ because of the following error……”

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  2. it was very interesting to read.

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  4. Please. can you PM me and tell me number of much more thinks about this. I am truly fan of one’ s webpage…gets solved properly asap.

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