Try the following steps for to make a CD Bootable.

1) Go to the folder where you kept the program to be autoruned

2) right click anywhere in the folder->select ‘new’ -> Text Document

3) a new document will appear. double click it to open it

4) then SAVE AS the file named – autorun.inf

5) close the notepad. You will see a notepad file named autorun with a screw appears . (delete the previous created notepad file named new text document)

6) Open autorun.inf

7) write there like this


open=Setup.exe (write the application you want to autorun)
Icon=fifapc.ico (if there is a icon file(.ico) give it, you can give
any other apps. like (.exe)


8) save autorun.inf

9) now burn all the contents of the folder which contains all application you want make sure you select all files including autorun.inf)

10) Insert the disk after buning completed, you will find your program automatially started

11) go to my computer and see that the cd has a icon!

Enjoye 🙂


Kuntal(SR. System Administrator)


One Response to “Bootable CD, Aurorun .Exe file when CD Boot”

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