Force comment on Subversion repository!!!

February 23, 2013

if you are using subversion as a organization data repository, then some times you are facing issue for commenting code on Subversion repository. below trick will helps you to resolve this issue.

This script needs to be keep under /{repository-location}/hooks/.
you will be find some templates script already there within the same folder structure.and for this you need to do slide modification.

Below is the script :

@echo off
:: Stops commits that have empty log messages.

@echo off


rem Subversion sends through the path to the repository and transaction id
set REPOS=%1
set TXN=%2

rem check for an empty log message
svnlook log %REPOS% -t %TXN% | findstr . > nul
if %errorlevel% gtr 0 (goto err) else exit 0

echo. 1>&2
echo Your commit has been blocked because you didn’t give any log message 1>&2
echo Please write a log message describing the purpose of your changes and 1>&2
echo then try committing again. — Thank you 1>&2
exit 1


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