Icon,Colored Name Folders And Background Images

January 18, 2009

Hey Friends  from the following trick you can set coloured name folder and image to your icon 🙂

For putting an Icon on a Driver/folder… : lets take C:\ as an example

1-Go TO : www.freeiconsweb.com and download the icon that you want.

2-then creat a folder named “Folder Setting” in the driver you want to make an icon for
it so the path will be C:\Folder Setting

3-Copy Paste the icons that you downloaded to C:\Folder Setting\

4-go to back to C:\ and creat a new text document and write on it this :

icon=Folder Setting\”put your icon name” (with .ico but withput ” ” )

Note : The Icon must be in Folder Setting

5-then save the file as Autorun.inf in C:\

and restart you pc and it will be with the new icon 😀

For Putting a Background image for a folder:

1-put the image you want to C:\Folder Setting\ (create a folder with folder setting name if you didnt read he previous tutorial)

2- go to C:\ and creat a text documment and put in it :

IconArea_Image=Folder Setting\” Your image name ” (and .jpg or .bmp depends on
your fiel type)

note : image should be in .jpg .bmp format.

so it will be …=Folder Setting\my image.jpg

3- then file/save as/ desktop.ini

and just refresh your folder and the image must be shown

Editting the color of files/folder names

1-go to C:\ open or creat desktop.ini with notepad (if you didnt read the previous
tutorial )

2-put :


and you if you did put an image and there is a desktop.ini then just add to it :

so it will be :

IconArea_Image=Folder Setting\My image.jpg

3-for changing the color just edit …=0xff0000 and put :

Red = 0x000000FF
Yellow = 0x0000FFFF
Blue = 0x00FF0000
Gray = 0x00808080

and save the desktop.ini file anmd refresh the folder 😀

Note : this tutorials can work in any folder or driver even on a removable driver like a pen driver.

for example i want to put a background image for
“C:\baker” just do the same steps but let C:\ be C:\baker\


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