Increasing tempdb size in a SQL Server Cluster (after ALTER DATABASE execution)

December 19, 2008

Today one of my colleagues came across to me fo the problem, he wants to increase the “Tempdb” file size in SQL Server 2005.

we had tried from SQL Server GUI but we are getting teh error mesaage,

“microsoft sql server error 5039”

we followed the following steps, hope it will be helpful to you also.

Step 1  :- Go to the start –> All Programs  –>  Microsoft SQL Server 2005 –>Configuration Tools –> Notification Services Command Prompt.

Step 2 :- now follows the following steps in the command Prompt(Notification Services Command Prompt).

Step3 :-

C:\>sqlcmd -S SQL-2005\YUKON
1> USE master
2> GO
Changed database context to ‘master’.
2> MODIFY FILE ( NAME = tempdev, SIZE = 70MB )
3> GO
1> exit



Kuntal Patel (Sr. System Administrator)


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